Customer Success Program

The Customer Success Program is the process we use to realize our goal of 100% customer success.

The program itself is simple. Our CEO speaks with each and every customer twice a year. During those calls, we review progress and establish measurable, customer-specific goals. These goals, and our progress against them, then form the basis of future calls.

Through this process, we stay laser focused on what matters most to each customer.

Complete a Customer Success Call

These twice yearly calls between the Metatomix CEO and the executive teams of each customer provide a unique opportunity to discuss the relationship, uncover improvement opportunities, share successes and gain insight into what is on the horizon at Metatomix.

Success Call Agenda

  • Overview of the Success Program
  • Review of current success level and influencing factors
  • Development of a Success Plan for the coming year
  • Updates on Metatomix (includes product roadmap, special offers and more)
  • Summary

Business Value, Guaranteed

If any time during the first year you don't believe you are getting the value you deserve, we will refund our fees.

Define and Execute a Success Plan

Tailored to each customer, this comprehensive action plan clearly outlines how success is defined by the customer, notes where Metatomix stands today and provides a roadmap of the steps needed to get to 100% customer satisfaction.

Achieving Success

Each customer’s success plan guides the Metatomix team on how to deliver 100% success for that customer. A detailed timeline and regular checkpoints ensure the plan is always on track, even when a customer’s priorities shift. When success is achieved, the plan is revisited to ensure success is maintained consistently.