Combine Critical Data to Create Useful Information

Use the industry’s best Enterprise Resource Interoperability (ERI) platform to integrate, correlate, reason and automate rule-based or event-driven business processes in “Big Data” industries.

The Metatomix ERI platform includes the M3T4 Studio (M3), an extensible, Eclipse based JAVA platform that leverages the power of data semantics to stitch your business’s most critical information together.

  • Integrate your Information

    Avoid ambiguity in your decision process by having a coherent view of all or your data.

  • Reason with Confidence

    Let the power of semantic reasoning substantiate your critical decisions.

  • Extend to Any Environment

    Integrate data seamlessly with cloud application, legacy data marts, web services, messaging systems or modern RDMSs.

Integrate Your Development

Metatomix M3 is the only platform to build semantic data applications that comes equipped with a fully integrated solution that is based on Java’s Eclipse IDE. Experience full control over your application development needs:

  • Java driven technology is designed to run on multiple operating systems – Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix and take advantage of a 64 bit platform.

  • Encode your knowledge using built-in ontology editors (OWL or the RDF-XML) to create, edit and validate your knowledge schemas.

  • Strengthen your business process by encoding rules using Java’s Expert System Shell (JESS) editor.

  • Don’t’ start from scratch – leverage the most comprehensive set of extensible resources (agents and ports), bundled with M3.

  • Extend the capability of your platform by integrating with open source tools such as JENA, Protégé and others.

Utilize Semantic Inference

Purpose built to understand the semantics of your data, M3 comes integrated with features that help you describe, derive inferences and take action on your disparate data sets.

  • Define classes, properties and constraints that represent your specific business conditions.

  • Capture unknown insights about your data by using a powerful built-in inference engine.

  • Make sense of your environment by using an inbuilt graphical interface that converts complex RDF-XML or OWL ontologies into easy to understand directed graphs.

  • Codify your own rules and events to refine and take actions on derived inferences.

Connect to Any Data Source

M3 allows you to connect to a vast array of data sources and easily convert structured or unstructured data into meaningful RDF instances so you can plug your information gaps.

  • Connect with databases, flat files, SOAP/XML interfaces, web/messaging services, and message queues.

  • Use pre-built ports (e.g. FTP, SMTP, JDBC, Socekts, JMS, XML) to simplify your integration with almost any external data source.

  • Use our built-in mapping editor to transform data from different sources and create RDF instances.

  • Use our built-in WSDL generator to simplify integration with Web services.

  • Take advantage of the ability to store RDF instances on files, memory, JARs, JENA – SDBs and Oracle JENA stores.

Leverage Multiple Screens

No matter how valuable and precise your data may be, if it cannot be rendered to the right platform in the right format at the right time… it does not add business value.

  • To ensure that the information is rendered where it is most needed, M3 allows you to create data for any screen (mobile devices, PC, tablets etc.).

  • M3 allows you to create compatible data collectors that seamlessly integrate with open source development tools such as Adobe’s Flex, JSP.

  • M3’s component model provides a clean separation between the back-end data collectors and front-end user interface designers so each component can focus without concern about integration issues.